SIA Group Whistleblowing Programme



Integrity is one of the Singapore Airlines Group’s core values. We go out of the way to do the right thing, every time. We expect integrity not just from our employees, but also from our partners, suppliers, contractors and agents that we work with. You can play a part to help ensure that the SIA Group continues to be a safe and ethical company by reporting fraud, misconduct or improprieties including but not limited to:

  • Any fraudulent act;
  • Misappropriation of funds, supplies or other assets;
  • Accepting or seeking any form of gratifications from contractors, vendors, consultants or persons providing services or materials to the Company;
  • Improprieties in matters of accounting and financial reporting;
  • Non-compliance with legislations/regulations;
  • Unethical or improper conduct breaching the Staff Regulations (misbehaviour by staff, sexual harassment, misuse/abuse of power/authority, etc);
  • Conflict of Interest without disclosure;
  • Mishandling of business or confidential information; and
  • Conduct that may jeopardise the health and safety of employee.

Reporting any knowledge of fraud, misconduct or improprieties even if you are unsure of all the facts is important. The SIA Group takes a serious approach to whistleblowing. All reports will be reviewed, and where required, an investigation will be initiated. You are not required to reveal your identity unless you choose to do so.